Upcoming Events at Stone Mountain Zendo

May 20, 2015 - Jukai Ceremony with teacher Sandy Gentei Stewart

Please join us for a jukai ceremony for David Bullington and John Moore as they accept the precepts and vow to practice the Buddha's way. Everyone is welcome.

What Is Jukai?

Jukai is a public ordination ceremony wherein a lay student of Buddhism receives certain Buddhist precepts. It is a formal rite of passage that marks entrance into the Buddhist community. At that time, the student is given a Dharma name and makes a commitment to the precepts.

About Sandy Gentei Stewart

A student of Joshu Sasaki Roshi, Sandy Gentei Stewart was ordained as a Zen teacher in 1971 and is former abbot of Jemez Bodhi Manda (New Mexico) and the North Carolina Zen Center (Chapel Hill).


There will be a single period of zazen (sitting meditation) at 6:00pm followed by kinhin (walking meditation). The ceremony will begin thereafter.


The zendo is located in the basement of Christ Episcopal Church (rear of building and down stairs) at 1101 Franklin Road SW (corner of Franklin Road and Washington Avenue) in Roanoke.


For more information, contact Richard Normand at 540-345-5932 or email tainormand@verizon.net.